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Brompton City Apparel

City Apparel

Our bike and experience of riding in cities around the world has been the inspiration for our new city clothing and accessories collection, which has been designed to enhance your cycling experience and fits seamlessly with life off the bike. Find out more





Designed for on and off the bike

From all our experience of riding in cities across the world, there are some things that make that make cycling more pleasurable; our clever design details ensure you are protected from the varying elements whilst still looking great off the bike, turning up at work or meeting for a coffee with friends.


Arrive fresh. Carefully chosen fabrics that minimise moisture and lets excess heat out.


Schwalbe Oneタイヤとペアになった特別に頑丈なリアサスペンションブロックは、シャープで反応の良いライダーフィールを提供します。 街の通りを正確に彫刻するのに理想的です。


No excess bulk. Compact and easily stored when not in use. Just like our bikes. 

Schwalbe One Tanウォールタイヤ

最速のタイヤはこれまでブロンプトンのために作った。 新しい35 mm(幅)Schwalbe Oneは、耐カット性に優れたハイテク繊維を使用することで、高い転がり抵抗を維持しながら、高いレベルのパンク防止を維持します。 見事な黄褐色の壁色は独特なCHPT3一見を引き立たせる。


For keeping the cold out and the warmth in. Pieces that work on their own or layered up for maximum effect.